Travel Pre And Post Internet

I was traveling for over 40 years, by the thumb in my first days, by boots in the Scouts, a lambretta came and then my first old affected followed by new ancient Bangers around the beaches of the Costa Brava.
My thumb, boots, bicycles and bikes told me all over Europe and the UK before finding a Carter to Spain flights in an old Connie could take me around the beaches and burst much faster and allow you to more The opportunities enjoy local travel through horse and car and bus and comfortable train.
Go back to the west and Prosper was a good idea, so instead of taking an 8-hour flight,

I have an 8-day Trans-Atlantic crossover from Tilbury to Montreal in Stephan’s dredging of Ocean Polish Lines, to ensure that jet lag There are no problems in my travel plans. A few years later, raising the dam on a boat, but this time it was 5 times bigger and traveled with style in the QE2 and had dinner on grid of my previous experience Queens. I guess travel in the sea, but I can’t see myself on one of the modern cruises ranging from the port to the port with a constant routes to load and go down to buy

T-shirts. However, I have 10 wind jammers and a cruise on Star Clipper in the Caribbean, who was already memorable (we hope that Hope wind jammer barefoot cruises recover from their ills). But I Divago. I read that Canada is a spectacular, sea to the bright sea, and my entrance to the St. Lawrence River to Montreal and then on the road in an old econoline truck of the big lakes, through the meadow to the mountains Rockies before the end of whale watching of the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island was a wonderful trip to a type of London.

Today, the landscape is still spectacular and the best way to go is by road, so rent or buy a car, Camper or motorcycle, take the train or tourist bus, but remember the cards, a flying stick, good Boots and take your time my favorite part of Canada / USA. Uu for adventure trips went to the north of BC / Alaska, to walk along the chilkoot trail on the stairs of the 1898 Goldseeekers. The northwestern areas to Canoe, the Nahannie River and Yukon, to manage Dawson City to Chicken, Alaska. If you keep outdoors and you can keep a few mistakes, throw a fly and climb a few hills or drive on endless dirt roads that share space with moose, caribou, moose, trees and eagles, then it is the places around you to set up list. . Visit:-

The pleasure and experiences in managing inuvik on the Dempster Road or the Bay of Prudhoe on the Dalton Road or even the Canol road can only be felt. I would have called the Alaska highway, but now it’s an easy album, unlike the above. Nowadays, the cost of managing these distances can mean that the exchange of travel is needed with others, but rvase or simply surname and camping is an excellent way to see outside the horizon. Some adventures on the road to pre-book, while I walked Denali and the Chilkoot walk, it was just a case of appearing, registering with the local ranger office and on their way. You need a little more planning for today’s travelers and the cost considerations of long flights or units should be offset in some way with a more cautious planning. In the days of reasonable gas prices,

it will not even consider managing management or flying costs and led the Key West of the northwestern coast, on the West Coast to the Baja and the West Coast of New York. Once I returned to my 1946 fleet, tail of the Pacific fleet to the Atlantic Ocean and back with about 5 liters per hour of Avgas. Before the oil and credit crisis, I told Rio de Janeiro to Lima, to Rio Del Fuego and Return to Rio that covered more than 15,000 miles from spectacular landscapes and no compensation on gas costs. South America must also be on your route! Another unforgettable units that now require a mortgage with gas companies include London to Nordkapp, Norway, skippers Canyon in New Zealand and Loneliness of the Far North Australia and the incredible Western Australia Coast that stops at Monkey Mia and Wave Rock.
We tend to forget that the actual cost of travel is often less today than in the 40 years of my trips. In 1977, my round trip airfare from Canada to Australia costs more than $ 1700 in 1977 dollars, so nowadays, it is much cheaper to fly, even crawling with airlines through fuel, extra luggage, without service even pleasure. The Big Mac method of price comparison developed by the economist newspaper gives us a good indication for most expenses today compared to yesterday, but my $ 1500 costs a license from private pilots in the 1970s it seems cheap Compared to today, but of course not when using this great MAC principle. Other travel expenses are also much cheaper today, but it should not that travelers have the many cost savings methods that can be expanded or improved travel experiences.

Post-Internet Travel:

In my 40 years of travel, I had to use travel agents to even make the simplest bookings and buy tickets, not even think about asking if they were “there, right?” It was just a case that there are no other options to buy trips. Now we have unlimited options and we can search for better travel agents, the best prices, better choices and information about anywhere in the world for our trips, without first leaving home. Internet now gives travelers ideas and options from where to go, to go, why do, what to do, what to investigate and how to save money and compensation expenses. We can search and find experts for every travel option. If we feel comfortable with the Internet, we no longer have to go to a travel agent to make reservations and buy tickets, except with some of the bigger travel companies that still produce bright brochures and offer all-inclusive packages or Tours book that only they are sold by the agency system. The internet can also be intelligent enough to know when to look for a better travel agent with knowledge, experience and experience (KEE skills) of destinations and activities on where to find them. There is no need to use only our local agents when we can find one elsewhere in the world. When we do not need knowledge and we can do it yourself, we just sail on the web so that we can book directly with tour operators and where we have decided to go.

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