Things We Need To Learn Before Starting

NS. Blog look

Award-winning blogs are always topic-based. The blog perspective is primarily the first to represent a blog topic. Educational blogs are designed with the theme of books, stationery, alphabet backgrounds, or, in the case of niche blogs, education.
The perspective should be catchy and balanced. Here, balance means avoiding complexity. It also needs to be clear and functionally compatible. That is, you need to avoid confusing where your visitors perform a particular function. Widgets such as sharing on social media sites and sharing pages through the site are typically kept at the bottom of the page, and categories are kept at the top of the page. Owners should not hesitate to use common tactics just to make their blog unique, as visitors use tactics on a regular basis, otherwise it will be difficult to work with.
NS. Blog content

The content of your blog should exactly match your blog’s niche. The content should be interesting and engaging. Headings should be used in the hypertext on each page to make it stand out in search engines. Content should attract the attention of the reader and be kept long. Word restrictions are also very important. For various topics such as dramas, documentaries, pets, and culture, content that is usually too long is usually left behind. Niche of politics, education, tourism, socialism, etc. If desired, you can exceed the word limit. The ideal word limit is 250-500 words.
C. Reader Service Tool

You need to learn to use the attention of the reader. These similar tools help generate more and more traffic. These tools include widgets such as images, videos, labels, Facebook shares, email shares, Twitter shares, comments and more.
Use D.Blogger’s gadgets and widgets

A complete understanding of blog gadgets and widgets is very important. We recommend spending at least a week to understand and practice your blog gadget. WordPress offers far more gadgets than any other forum, making it an ideal forum for blogging. Easy to handle. These devices include: Videos, images, labels, personalization and more.
Me. Financial forecast

Professional blogging is the best way to make money. Blogs that focus on financial development are always stored somewhere for ad placement. Ads should be placed on the front page of your blog as soon as you have a significant audience. To attract an audience, you need to study an effective niche to attract more audiences.

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F. Tools to improve Google’s position

It’s a little technical, but it’s not difficult. Tools that improve Google’s ranking include Google Analytics and backlinks. Google Analytics is used to investigate the location of your blog on Google. Backlinks link links between blogs that are technically used to enhance your blog’s audience. For this purpose, you should seek the guidance of someone who is a technical expert before you start blogging. Other tools include the use of HTML code in headers, SEO, etc. 2. Intangible element

NS. Research

You need to study a particular niche that will be the topic of your business. Surveys help homeowners make better decisions and offer more options for niches.
NS. Language tools

Your blog should adopt a language to support your visitors. Made to remember! Not everyone is familiar with your vocabulary.
C. Vision support perspective

Note that blogs look like blogs, not fireworks. A visitor may have visited dozens of websites or blogs before visiting the blog. Being heavy and having too many flowering prospects can overwhelm you.
D. Read a famous blog

Read well-known blogs regularly and review them from a technical point of view. It also helps you understand what you need to adopt for your blog.
Prayer motivational notes

There is no shortcut to success. Blogging is a patient-oriented business and you have to wait until it succeeds. Therefore, unless you have received a large amount of money from your blog, you should continue to blog as a side business. But remember! There are hundreds of successful blogs that generate tens of thousands of dollars each month. These blogs did not fill the owner’s account on the first day. They were also started by beginners. You can be one of them. All you need is guidelines and patience! The guidelines are here, and patience … to you!

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