Russell Brand Ready to Take America

Russell Brand is a busy man, his curriculum includes a radio and television personality in English, comedian, actor and newspaper columnist. Although it is a massive popularity at U.K. Enjoy, it is relatively unknown in the United States. But the well-known Lothanario now tries to establish as a star in America. No, unlike the way the British soul singer Amy Winehouse hit the musical scene last summer with his retro-watch and sound, the unique rough brand is a good personality that can be a movie star in manufacturing. “As soon as I heard Groening, he said that a great cartoon character should be recognized for his silhouette,” said the brand calling over his rocker and hair that challenges gravity. But his ability of brands to shoot from the hip grabbing its comrades and comic audiences. Success came quickly for the brand, who studied at the famous Drama Center in London, an institute that the comedian was “a school of drama of Naída and Tire”.

After playing a few concerts in 2000, I found myself before a 1000 audience in the London Hackney Empire Theater, “he explains. Shortly after the brand became a host, MTV at UK and the British version of “Big Herman”. The brand also had its mistakes. He was notorious on 12 September 2001 by MTV for dressing like Osama bin Laden. But his dark past made him a rock star like legend.

He has his fierce appetite for all kinds of illegal drugs and quick women in his hilarious, sometimes brilliant and always careless autobiography, my reserve agent, who was a great success in Great Britain last year, a great success in Great Britain. He says in my booklet Wook: “My life is just a series of embarrassment that gathering incidents by telling people about the embarrassment of incidents.” In 2006, he questioned Adam Sandler at his finding of MTV “1 Plaza Leicester”, and there was a friendship. He recently spent a lot of time in Los Angeles because he now has Sidekick Adam Sandlers in a movie in a movie called stories at bedtime. The brand accredits Sandler with importing him to the states, which offers him to his current agent, Adam Venit, and received him against Judd Apatow. In the decisive session to forget Sarah Marshall, the British comedian confessed that HED had just managed to take an “italizable look in Scripture. Visit:-

Then he added with a flower: “Do you want to tell me how it goes?” The brands, the personality without filters, finally inspired the producer Judd Apatow and author-headliner Jason Segel to rewrite the role of Snow Aldous, the Rockster Robs Kristen Bell away in the recent “Forget Sarah Marshall”. Apparently, before the mark was issued, the character was supposed to be “a kind of writer writer”, recently revealed the brand, “but rewrote the role for me and have me a lot of space to improvise.” Before the start of the film film last summer, in Hawaii, tested for two weeks, “So there was time to develop the character, or, in my case, not the development of the character … until it is exactly the same for Me “.
Received from the mark, the character is not so far from its true me: open, a former heroin addict and a sexually flagrant with a wink to his Rolling Morrissey and Noel Gallagher companions. The brand will raise the snow in Apatows next production, “put it to the Greek”, suppose a dirty “almost famous”.

The brands also continued to write their weekly soccer column, for the Guardian newspaper. He does another series of Ponderland for Channel 4, some stop and another book. Also go to South America to make a documentary about “Revolution” and meet people like President Venezue-Lan Hugo Chávez, if there are other people like Hugo Chávez. And he and the director of the film, Michael Winterbottom, completed the first concept of a modified script from my Booky Wook. The brand knows that you feel consistent with living audiences work is fundamental to your success or failure in the United States. What the brand was able to do more successfully than any modern comedian is to separate all limits between their private and public people. “The pedestal is the backbone of everything I do, I’m in a relationship with a trial, because that’s what I like the most, where there is no filter,” he says. “My intention is to make tandem movies with standing comedy. The models that follow are rich-ard pryor, Woody Allen, Steve Martin. There is a clear template in the US entertainment that does not exist in the UK not. Pryor, really, my hero in everything. “

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