How Much Bigger Can Disney Continue To Grow While Staying Competitive?

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Once upon a time in the swamps of central Florida, 1 man watched more than walnut trees and oranges. Walt Disney had a vision of building a family friendly place where mothers and dads could bring their families to in order to have memories that would last eternally. He also needed it to be an area that was affordable and accessible to everybody while at precisely the same time with beautiful weather year round.Unfortunately Walt didn’t live long enough to see his vision come to fruition in Florida but his brother Roy did make sure his eyesight was finished. Walt came to Florida in the 60’s and purchased 25000 acres (40 square miles) under the title M.T. Lott. He had the smarts to get up as much land as he could without drawing to much attention to the land grab. The stage was now set to start constructing what Walt described as his”Florida Project”.Magic Kingdom was the first to go up in 1971 followed by Epcot in 1982, Hollywood Studios in 1989 and finally Animal Kingdom in 1998. Besides this theme parks Resorts were built for Disney’s guests to stay at. So far there are 34 resorts on property and 28 of these are owned and run by Disney. This however is ever changing and a few more resorts are now in the works to accommodate more visitors.Hollywood Studios for example is now constructing their Star Wars themed resort which will sit just in the back outside of the park. This is going to be a great addition to people wanting something fresh and for travelers who’ve been to Disney World several times. There is so much empty property in their 40 square miles that they may build another 100 resorts and 20 additional theme parks but where does it end.With the parks in capacity now and lines averaging over 3 hours to get some of their newest attractions, where does one begin to consider building bigger parks to accommodate all their guests better or does one keep constructing smaller parks however having more to choose from? What appears to be occurring is current park growth!Should you choose a present park that suffers from overcrowding and make it larger, this would seem to fix your issue you would think right? Well this would make sense if every park had hot attractions and rides alike. Unfortunately this is not the case. By way of instance, Animal Kingdom gathered out Pandora: Avatar and for its first year until today lines have been stable at 3 hours and drawing business away from their other parks.Today Hollywood Studios rolled out Toy Story Land and attracted people from the other parks occasionally leaving Epcot like a ghost city. Each park I hope one day will be equal in their rides, shows and resorts but now there’s some lag and it’s affecting the attendance levels at all four parks as a whole. With all of their land, I would like to see much larger parks, more activities for visitors to overcome overcrowding and most significantly lower costs to the consumers.

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