God’s Blue Print for Saving Marriages

“Everything was created by and for him … and everything is in him” (Colossians 1: 16b-17a). For a successful marriage, you first need to understand what God was thinking about for the marriage. If you want to understand the purpose behind an invention, talk to the person who invented it.

Marriage is God’s creation, so God saves it. God created a marriage for three very specific reasons, just as God created you. Our lives are the most satisfying when we work with God to achieve our goals. Marriage is no exception …
First, you probably learned that men and women were made in the image of God (Genesis 1: 26-27). But did you know that married men and women also have an image of God?

They do this by showing love and loyalty to each other … as God did to us. You see, God has covenants with his people, men, women, and with God. Marriage was thus created to reflect God’s faithfulness in the world.
The second reason God created marriage was to meet human needs. Food, housing, clothing needs, and love, acceptance, intimacy, and loyalty needs. Marriage is thus a picture of the world of how God provides his people. Marriage is a channel of God’s love. It is designed to be a safe haven for men and women to be completely naked and not shy.

A place where you can experience unconditional love and acceptance of God with each other.
Third, marriage is one of the ways God can expand his kingdom and carry out his work on earth. He commanded men and women to go out, proliferate, become fruitful, and rule the earth (Genesis 1:28). Unfortunately, if you do not agree with your spouse, it is very difficult to do what God has commanded you. Conflict depletes our emotional and creative energy. Unfortunately, many men and women feel like they are sleeping with their enemies rather than their arms.
Marriage is designed with unity in mind. If a man and a woman are on the same page, it reflects God’s unity, so to speak. “For this reason one leaves the father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). Since unity is so important, Jesus told us that by witnessing that he was truly the Son of God, Visit:- https://www.s-mariage.com/

it would be a great sign to the world (John 17:23).
Now, you have the general idea that God had in mind when designing a marriage, but you need a plan to save the marriage.
First, do you have to decide only once whether you promise to honor God through marriage? Are you going to do it in God’s way? Are you going to trust his words, his plans, and his designs? If you answer yes, let’s continue …
If you are planning to improve or save your marriage, you need to start with the right foot. This means that you must first be right with God and your spouse! You need humility to do the right thing.

It requires you to take responsibility for the negative and sinful things that contributed to your marriage, without you justifying yourself or blaming your spouse. A confession of sin can be a turning point in our lives. That means we agree with God about our sins and decide to leave. When we do so, the Word of God promises us to do it. Here are some of the things you can think of confessing: how you did not trust and respect God, how you did not obey God’s Word, yourself, your spouse. And the result of your decision for your marriage.
The exercise of humility is an important part of any rescue marriage plan. If you regularly consider confession as part of your marriage, you will remain humble and maintain your emotional intimacy. Apologies help us follow our hearts and love our spouse and God.
The next step in saving your marriage is to plan to meet your partner’s most important needs. Meet these needs also needs to be done with caution. When you meet their most important emotional needs, your spouse feels more connected and loved with you. Regular prayers are necessary for a successful marriage. Let God pray through you to show your spouse his love and loyalty. Prayer is how we experience a personal relationship with God through Christ. This is also the place where we accept God’s grace. Therefore, your plan to save the marriage should include daily prayers for your spouse and your ability to love them. A marriage that reflects the image of God is a safe marriage. God is our shelter. Therefore, your marriage must be a haven for you and your spouse. A safe relationship is one in which both husband and wife can accept disagreements. The plan to save the marriage must include a security plan. None of the spouses need to worry about the proverbial nuclear bomb dropped on them!

Therefore, the plan to save the marriage must deal with the conflict. Your marriage can be free from criticism, contempt, critical attitude and defense. It’s your choice! It can be a place where you are quick to take responsibility for your own actions and point your finger at the blame late. But this is not a conflict-free marriage. But you are probably a marriage in which both parties fight fairly.
Finally, your plan to save the marriage should include specific goals, written down goals. After all, God wrote his plan … we call it the Bible! Isn’t that reason enough for you to write your plan for your marriage? The written goals are powerful. They help make a plan.
Keep in mind that your goals should be in line with God’s purpose for your marriage. Your goals will help you get on track and give your marriage and family life more purpose, meaning and direction. You may want goals in the following areas: spiritual (we study and pray regularly), parenting (we always unite with disciplinary children), finance (we budget) (Determine and stick to it), health (we exercise regularly) and eat well), communication (we speak with love and respect).
It should be enough to start making your own personal plans to save the marriage. Remember that the creator of the marriage is saving the marriage. Put your wishes in the Lord. With the Lord is endless love and complete salvation (Psalm 130: 7).

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