Are Cryonics Really A Gamble? Can We Really Live Forever With Nanobots?

Right now Nanobots are in the Hypothetical stage or Development stage in a manner of speaking. Researcher realize that they can be made and will work, it’s simply working out the bugs I presume. The Technology of Nanobots might be some opportunity yet to arrive however I am certain with the manner in which Technology is going it will not be any longer, which carries me to my next point. For Those who likely will not will see this innovation (which is presumably we all at the present time) there is an Option. 

“We can be Cryogenically Frozen (Cryopreservation)… “after we die”… until the Technology is accessible to defrost us out and fix whatever wasn’t right or turned out badly.” Visit :- คาสิโน ฟรีเครดิต

Cryopreservation is a cycle where cells or entire tissues are protected by cooling to low freezing temperatures, (they freeze you in Liquid Nitrogen) At these low temperatures, any organic action, including the biochemical responses that would prompt cell passing, is successfully halted. The Problem is we don’t have the Technology at this point to Successfully Revive a Person without Damaging there Cells. 

Cryogenics or (Cryopreservation) might be the connect to Nanobot Technology later on. Designate of Scientists (alongside me) trust it’s simply a question of time before we have this Technology. Until we have this Successfully dominated this Technology with nanobots we do have the choice of being cryogenically frozen after we kick the bucket, this in itself could enormously affect the Disabled, Diseased, Blind and harmed. (It gives them and us trust

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