15 Travelers That I Have Met

There are really as many types of travelers as people. Here we will look at some common types.
Budget-filled travelers

Full-budget travelers travel on tight budgets, no matter how exciting the newly discovered opportunities are. There is no extra drink for this traveler unless someone buys it for him. 2. Perennial party animal

Perennial party animals have one focus, which is usually fun at the bar. These travelers find fun places that no one else can. Maybe they should have a partnership with a full budget traveler!

Flexible travelers who can go anywhere

Flexible travelers who travel everywhere simply relax wherever they are. No planning required. All is going well. They follow the flow and don’t need to know where they are heading. Maybe a traveler who enjoys any experience.
4. Orderly planner

An orderly planner does nothing that isn’t preset. It’s planned every second, and when things go wrong, it’s inevitable, but they don’t feel loved. They will always meet wherever the plan tells them.
5. Modern engineer

Modern technicians can only travel if they have the latest travel accessories and devices. Get closer to modern technology and find out which items work and which are a waste of money for your next trip. 6. Avid souvenir shop

An avid souvenir shop has money to spend and everything you want to remind yourself of your holiday. He is not interested in going to markets and stores and spending time with perennial party animals. Frequently, there are problems with luggage weight restrictions while returning home.
7. Travelers who know everything. Visit:- https://vietnam-travel.vn/

Omniscient travelers study everything from travel books and the internet before traveling. He / she is delighted to ask the guide the deepest questions and to constantly interrupt the guide with a “fact” statement. I don’t know who an omniscient traveler should travel with.
8. Elegant photographer

Elegant photography probably has the most expensive camera (and don’t forget the lens) and it takes time to take a picture. Other travelers are always waiting for a special view. They also like to go out very early to “catch the light”.

9. Continuous petitioner

The constant complainant finds that not everything on the tour is at a normal level. They tend to claim to be regular travelers and often “want to talk to higher authorities.” You should probably stay home and enjoy things there!

10.10. Helpless traveler

Helpless travelers find everything too much. He / she asks the most unusual and often useless questions. Often there is someone on the tour who takes a helpless traveler under his wings to protect him from others.
11. Traveler “I want myself”

“I’m looking for myself” Travelers are looking for something. This is unique to each traveler. “I’m looking for myself.” Hit them to find themselves, but make sure they work safely.
12. A traveler who speaks constantly

No one is a constant speaker. They crave discussions on almost every topic. They are often very interesting people, but enough.
13. Traveler Travel Light

Lightweight travelers only need baggage to see the world. They are proud of their achievements, but their fellow travelers struggle when they don’t have time to do the laundry. They tend to rent things. 14. Repeat travelers

Repeaters go to the same place and vacation every year. He / she can provide at least 101 reasons why you should join them. They are proud that there were three changes in hotel management and the last manager was better than the current manager.

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