Understanding Marriage – Biblical Truth and Good Advice About Relationship

Christian marriage is a model that explains Western marriage. The unique “one flesh” relationship and family structure described by Jesus Christ and the early church writers is of God’s ability for husbands and wives to resist secular thoughts and the temptations of destructive temptations. Produce a marriage.
When Western culture forgets its roots, the wonders of marriage are lost. Exploitation, uncertainty, betrayal, and painful, inexpensive, superficial compounds are becoming the norm. To reverse this and rediscover the functioning divine marriage, we need to articulate the marriage in terms of Christian marriage so that we can establish the most effective relationship. This benefits not only couples, but also their children and the society in which they live.
The following explanations of marriage and relationships come from several books I have written on this subject, such as Family Horizons, Marriage Horizons, and Mending Marriages.
What is marriage?
In the secular community, marriage is based on many different ideas: Mutual Duty; 50:50 Association; This is the world of men. An idolized woman; better than nothing; see if it works. Obligations and contracts.
Christians can be confident in their marriage and will not be distracted by the ideas advertised in popular culture, movies, printed matter, music and television. The Bible reveals what a true marriage is, from its invention in the Garden of Eden to its final application in the marriage of Christ and the Church at the end of the world.
Marriage has two main components: relationships and structure. Marriage is a relationship, but it must be built on a divinely defined pattern that gives it a lasting structure and stability.
Relationship between two parts

Marriage is an interpersonal relationship between a man and a woman and has a lifelong connection. The quality of interpersonal relationships naturally affects how couples deal with each other, work together, solve problems, and enjoy life together. However, in addition to marital interpersonal relationships, marriage is also an “official” relationship. Visit:- https://www.s-mariage.com/
When a couple gets married, God gives them a special “unity” that the Bible calls “one flesh.” Jesus calls this “bound to God.” When God gives them the official status of “one flesh,” they can enjoy legitimate sexual intimacy. Such activities without the bond of “one flesh” are immoral, whether fornication or adultery. Immoral behavior hurt those who practice it. Therefore, the “formal” relationship is very important. Premarital intimacy is immoral, as they do not yet have the official “one flesh” bond that God gives them when they become “husbands and wives.”
God’s “one flesh” bond is not created by the couple and cannot be dissolved by the couple. God establishes it and only he can solve it. Jesus taught. Does not separate those who “join God”. It is God’s “glue” that God uses to transform them into a single physical entity.
Happy couples unrelated to the official “one meat” are not married. Even after divorce, the unfortunate couple with a formal relationship, “Ichimoku,” is still married. Therefore, the most important relationship is not a secular feeling, but a formal bond established by God. If people understand the importance of it, they will accept the marriage much more seriously than it is today.
Correct structural design

God has defined the structure of marriage, which includes both responsibility and support. A husband is a person who has to take responsibility for marriage, wife, and family. He is responsible for God. Women are those who need to support men’s leadership. One is designed to live under God’s authority and fulfill God’s will for his life. Women are designed to empower men and help them do so. Her husband must then love his wife and congratulate her for her dedication. The wife must then submit to the man and encourage him to achieve God’s purpose.
These ideas seem obsolete in today’s secularized culture. But perhaps to the surprise of the current generation, they have worked wonderfully well for thousands of years. Modern and progressive ideas that abandon God’s defined responsibility and support structure are far less satisfying, unstable, and ineffective than those that follow God’s design.
Some indicators of successful marriage

There are many things that can be of great help when preparing for or strengthening a marriage. If people do not have these qualities, it will be more difficult for them to succeed in marriage. These topics are explained in detail in MARRIAGE HORIZONS. Personal affluence: moral dedication and freedom from harm. Victims are unable to perform their intended function, especially in marriage. Commitment: Stay loyal in the face of problems. Poor people who fail to fulfill their loyal obligations become a black hole in marriage. Willingness to forgive and show mercy without resentment or bad attitude. It is important to learn that people forgive others, especially in the face of daily challenges and marriages. High moral standards: Reject temptation. Loose morals betray marriage and hurt spouse, family, and themselves. Balanced thinking: a clear understanding of the truth. Distorted thoughts about reality, ourselves or others, cause people to react incorrectly and address the challenges of marriage. Willingness to contribute-a non-selfish approach. Marriage is a team effort, so team players who make a big contribution are the most valuable in marriage. Openness and transparency: Being yourself and the freedom to accept others. Interpersonal relationships, especially intimate relationships in marriage, require people to be confident, shy and open. Courage and self-confidence: Don’t be afraid to go out with the help of God. Fear destroys people’s self-confidence and gets involved in their lives. This should be avoided in marriage. Willingness to make mistakes and correct-a mind to be taught. Learning ability and humility are important qualities, as stubborn and controversial people hurt your marriage.

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