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Volume 1                                 Number 1                                 8/15/2000

Welcome friends and customers to the first EDCO Computer Systems newsletter. We have added you to our mailing list in hopes you will find the information both useful and informative. If at any time you wish not to continue to receive this please contact us via email and you will be promptly removed from our mailing list.  

It has been one year since EDCO was started. During that time we have had the privilege of assisting most of you with your computer needs. We have had many questions concerning your computers and our hope is to cover some of these in our newsletters for all to share. We welcome suggestions for topics on computer maintenance, industry information, Internet sites, hardware and software. We will try to research and respond to each request and include these in our newsletters, which we will publish on a regular basis.

 We are also proud to announce the existence of our new web site http://www.edcocomputer.com/. We will link information from this site and others to our newsletter to make it as helpful as possible. The underlined  words or phrases in this newsletter are links to our site and additional information. Past copies of the newsletter and all computer maintenance tips will be retained and categorized on the site for future reference. Please feel free to visit our site often, as our information will be updated regularly.

Computer Tips and Maintenance:

Defragging: Learn why and how to defrag your computer.

Cookies:  What is a cookie on the Internet and should you take them?

 Interesting and Entertaining sites:

Ad Critic.com: Waz up, Frank and Louie plus other commercial greats replayed on your computer

Screensavers heaven: Loads of great screensavers including the old favorite “Johnny Castaway”

Product reviews and suggestions: 

This feature will be coming in future newsletters

Computer News:


For those of you who are not familiar with Napster or maybe have only heard references on the radio and TV news, an explanation is in order. Napster is a web site that allows you to share MP3 files (MP3 is a digital music format) with other computers over the Internet. Recently a lawsuit was filed by a number of performing artists to shut this site down on the basis of copyright violations. The first court to hear the case placed an injunction on Napster to force its shut down. Almost immediately an appeals court overturned this ruling to allow Napster to continue to operate until more information is gained.

 Now, all of this is interesting and will have a major impact on the music industry as well as other performing art forms in the future. That however is more of a subject than we are qualified to cover. We can, however, help you understand what Napster is and how it works so you may form your own opinion on its legality and future. If you wish to know more about what Napster is and how it works please click on the following link

  More on Napster

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