7 Huge Benefits of Article Marketing

Have you ever thought about the reason why article marketing is a profound and effective way to market your own business? When I began working on in my own business I didn’t know about the concept of article marketing – as a strategy for marketing however, I was aware that in order to put my name out there in the big wide world I had to find ways to prove my credibility and gain recognition over a broader geographical area than my local coffee shop. My clients might not be all from my town.

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  1. A place for Entrepreneurs to meet —The Coffee Shop was the hip spot for hanging out, in my hometown and in the larger cities that formed part of my working community. I was able to meet anybody and make business connections, without them realizing that I could or might not work from home, when I would say, “Hey, meet me at the coffee shop.” Many people found me and became friends via articles they read on the web.
  2. Strategies of interest for entrepreneursdeveloping a network of people who would connect with me, my name had to be on the top of their list and I achieved that by writing for magazines and trade journalsFree of charge. Writing these pieces was the sole benefit and I noticed enormous benefits from the use of my signature link and by-line.
  3. Managing Intense Growth Curves –The biggest increase in my business would happen right when a magazine hit the market, especially when I made my way onto the cover slot. Everybody would call asking me for my work and even more magazines. To write short articles in a hurry, and I was always ready to meet any need. I was able to build an alliance with the editors of magazines and gain more clients. I was also capable of hiring people to do the work as I wrote articles. This was a huge win. This is my absolute favorite part of the job.
  4. How do you establish your first management team –The management team of the first meeting was a coffee shop regular early in June to have coffee and donuts. The hardest part of the plan that day was filling them up with donuts. A Jr. Executive who is now my Business Partner, offered me the most helpful advice: “You should spend more of your time writing articles and let the techs do their work.” You’re an expert at this.”
  5. Skills for Entrepreneurial Leadership DevelopmentSometimes, it is important to allow different members of your team to assume leadership roles. There is no one leader. There’s a person who is great at creating marketing material, and another who is adept in reading it. Each of them can fulfill their leadership goals within their particular areas. Help entrepreneurs with the leadership tasks. Each leader must have their own personal article list.
  6. Coping Skills for Lonely Entrepreneurs –Coffee Shop. Really I’m in a permanent order to have coffee at the local cafe on Thursday morning – 9 AM . All the local entrepreneurs know ‘it’s a date’. The Coffee Shop on Thursday mornings is a great spot to get together with your acquaintances and obtain a copy of a review, an article editing or motivational, encouraging, or just a bit of cheerleadership to help you get through the day. I’m not sure if I’ve ever sat at the table by myself. We’ve sat at the table, working on projects. It works. You can choose a date and leave the poster at the cafe. Some coffee shops will allow the display to be displayed in their windows in front. Entrepreneurs Invited!
  7. Case Studies & Success Factors of successful entrepreneursIt doesn’t matter whether you work from home, at the coffee shop, or at your main street-oriented office. It is essential to be able to access cases studies and other traits that are relevant to your particular industry. A quick Google search will reveal many articles relevant to your particular field, but you’ll want to do some investigation of your own to establish the value or otherwise of the case studies are.

Article marketing , whether written or reading them are pertinent to your business. Create articles if you don’t have articles in your field.

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